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We have been a leader in the castings industry for over a century

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Over 100 years of quality castings.


From a small beginning in 1900 with a 1 1/2 ton daily pouring capacity, Olympic soon grew its production to 60 tons per day. Single pieces weighing 15 tons were cast quite frequently. During the ship building activity in the 30s and 40s, diesel engine castings were produced, machined and assembled into finished units, each weighing 125 tons. Today, Olympic routinely ships over 300 tons of finished goods per day. 

At Olympic Foundry, you'll find an organization with a proud tradition of product and market leadership and a sharp focus on the future. We're a global company with strong, viable specialty metal casting facilities and sources, a solid balance sheet and an expanding pipeline of new products. We've created an aggressive, team-oriented culture that places a high premium on creativity and innovation. At Olympic we realize the key to success is our people, and the value and level of service we bring to our customers. 

For more than a century, Olympic Foundry has been a well-respected and highly competitive leader in the foundry industry.